Terms and conditions

Validity of the terms and conditions

The present general terms and conditions of sale, exclusive of APPLICAZIONIWEB sagl company, with headquarters in Via Balestra in Lugano in Switzerland, and valid at the time when the order was entered, govern all sales contracts between the company APPLICAZIONIWEB sagl and the buyer. Any change in both verbal and written terms and conditions of sale by the customer will be binding for us only after our confirmation in writing and in any case limited to the contracts to which it refers.
This ecommerce site you can purchase from all countries in the list of registration except in JAPAN, Switzerland and Italy. To buy in Japan it's possible by clicking on the website www.donde-oriental.com and for those who want to buy from Switzerland and Italy can do this by clicking on the ecommerce www.lussoshop.com

Stipulation of the order contract

All offers are subject to change and variation, unless the corresponding order is not notified within 30 days of the offer. The order confirmation can be made by fax, by email, but will be considered valid only when in turn confirmed by the order confirmation button ecommerce site.

Order cancellation

The customer has the right to cancel the order no later than 24 hours after confema order through immediate notification by email (info@getluxury.net). Supplier, APPLICAZIONIWEB sagl, will confirm the cancellation of the order by email.
APPLICAZIONIWEB sagl reserves the right to annul the practice of any current orders when in the presence of late payment, even partial, or when the customer behaves in an unacceptable way to the company, without the buyer the right to compensation claims, compensation or otherwise.


Prices are free TAX.
All the prices in the currency (euro) are subject to changes and alterations. The prices are VAT exempt. Transportation costs and other incidental charges are excluded from estimates and offers, unless otherwise specified.

Terms of delivery

The deadline for delivery of the goods must be mutually acceptable to both parties. It is to be considered purely indicative and not binding. Preparation of goods for shipment will take place in a period of time previously agreed between the supplier and the customer. Unless otherwise noted, all of the goods transport costs are borne by the customer.

Right of ownership

The goods remain the exclusive property of the provider, APPLICAZIONIWEB sagl, until full payment thereof and any other open accounting position.

Right of withdrawal

>The customer has the right to return the goods within 14 days of receipt for a full refund. The goods must be returned in original packaging and in perfect condition. All transport costs are borne by the customer unless it is a return due to a manufacturing defect or if it was shipped goods do not conform to the order and its confirmation. In any case, whatever the reason for return, the supplier must be informed in writing of the refund before it happens, otherwise the incoming goods will not be accepted by the APPLICAZIONIWEB sagl. The right of withdrawal is not valid for custom products, custom made for a client. In this case the supplier, APPLICAZIONIWEB sagl reserves the right to replace the goods not in conformity.

Updating products

All the products supplied may vary from those shown in any information / advertising support. All items can be changed by the manufacturer at any time and without notice.

Payment terms

At the time of purchase are exclusively valid the prices.
The payment methods are: Paypal, credit card, bank transfer and cash on delivery for amounts not exceeding 1000 CHF.
Payment by bank transfer: to speed payment transactions we suggest to send by email to info@getluxury.net the receipt of payment. Changes in the value of the invoice is not permitted without prior authorization from APPLICAZIONIWEB sagl., will remain registered as open positions in the accounting of the customer card. The company APPLICAZIONIWEB sagol reserves the right to charge interest on all open payments. Delinquencies will be transmitted to our attorney, for the recovery of debts, the date indicated on our third reminder letter.

Privacy and data protection

APPLICAZIONIWEB sagl ensures that all data and information collected during the completion of contracts and negotiations are preserved according to the highest security standards. APPLICAZIONIWEB sagl has also the obligation to protect data from unauthorized use by third parties. For more information on privacy and data protection, please refer to the privacy page.


If one or more of the above terms and general conditions of sale was invalid, this does not negate the validity of all other terms. The term invalidated will be replaced by another appropriate condition. In case of dispute will apply the laws of Switzerland. Jurisdiction: the court of Lugano (CH).

Business information

APPLICAZIONIWEB sagl, with headquarters in Via Balestra
6900 Lugano (CH)
phone + 41-0791244949.